Refreshed Sunrise Website is Here!

Apr 16, 2019

With the goal of an enhanced user experience, streamlined content and showcasing all the services the cooperative offers, Sunrise Cooperative released a refreshed version of its company website on Friday, April 19th. The information from our previous website will remain, with added content, and has been organized for easy viewing and showcased across multiple divisions. Through strategically placed news articles and call outs to specific service areas, visitors will now have an opportunity to learn more about all the offerings and services that Sunrise provides.
Our website address,, will remain the same, but as you visit the site beginning on Friday, April 19th, you will see an enhanced user experience.
Grain Hours, Cash Bids and Futures
One of the highest traffic areas on the website is our grain division, in particular our grain hours, cash bids and futures. Returning visitors will still be able to access these areas off our main webpage, as well as through the grain drop down menu at the top of page. Please know the way we display cash bids and futures will not change. In terms of the grain hours, once on the respective page click on your grain location and the hours will expand.
You can continue to access the weather radar and five-day forecast on the main webpage. We have also added a link to at the top of the page for larger look at the forecast.
Customer Service
Customers will still login to their accounts through the Customer Login link at the very top of the website. You may also travel to the Customer Services page and gain access to the customer login page, as well as information on our input financing program and membership application forms.
Take a moment to review our agronomy offerings for seed, crop protection, crop nutrition, precision and PCT | Sunrise branded products. Every season you have important decisions to make when it comes to choosing inputs for your crops. Sunrise provides the expertise, knowledge, equipment and facilities to help maximize your yields.
Our energy division is a trusted partner to keep your operation running. Visit to learn more about our services we provide including propane, heating oil, bulk diesel fuel, lubricants and gasoline. We service everyone from farmers to homeowners to commercial fleet operations.
Through our feed outlets and feed manufacturing facilities, the Sunrise feed team provides nutritional consultations and recommendations as well as nutrient and ingredient sourcing. Our Livestock Services Team also provides animal husbandry support and advice. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable Feed Solutions Advisors strive to bring our customer-owners quality service and be your trusted advisor to produce thriving livestock.
Our Sunrise Precision Solutions (SPS) team is an extension of our agronomy division. They work to continually provide a comprehensive portfolio of precision ag services. The SPS team is looking forward to enhancing partnerships with customers and bringing them service, knowledge, and equipment to drive value-based decisions that ultimately lead to shared success. Visit this area of the website to learn more about our acre innovators program, data management and equipment.
Having Trouble Viewing
When you populate updated websites, it may take some time for all the information to appear. To help with this process we encourage you to follow the steps below to allow for your computer, tablet or smartphone to fully engage with our updated website.
  • In your internet settings on your device
    • Check the boxes to clear out the cookies, caches and your internet history.
    • Completely close out your internet browser and reopen.
If you experience any issues, feel free to reach out to the Sunrise marketing department at 419-332-6468 ext. 222 or toll free at 800-321-5468. They would be happy to assist you with any issues and or questions with the Sunrise website.

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