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Your Trusted Partner

Reaching your farm's maximum potential requires specialized seed choices in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the agricultural industry. At Sunrise Cooperative, it's our goal to make decisions less complex so you can be confident in your selections.

Through Sunrise Seed you receive not only leading technologies, but state of the art facilities that provide you with your seed how you need it, when you need it. 

Ask yourself "Why Sunrise Seed?" The answer is easy: a trusted partner, leading seed technologies, backed by research and industry-leading offerings, distributed through seed warehouses that provide convenience to fit your need on every acre.

Sunrise Seed Guide

Backed by WinField United, we have a multi-brand approach to ensure leading seed technologies for your farm. Sunrise matches the best seed on your acre, with support from Answer Plot® research that tests performance brand by brand. With Sunrise Seed, you can expect industry leading brands that bring attributes to fit best with your operation, farm by farm, acre by acre.

Seed Treatment

Our PCT | Sunrise seed treatment provides early season nutrition to assist in root development, uniform emergence, vigor and health to fuel the tank for early season success. The addition of early season nutrients and amendments help sustain advanced plant growth until primary root systems develop.

Our Croprotek seed treatment line up: Premium ST, Standard ST, Corn Seed Overtreatment, Soybean Seed Overtreatment.

Sunrise seed treatment services are available across our territory through our seed warehouses located in Ballville, Crestline, Norwalk, South Charleston, Starbuck and Uniopolis.

Our Top Seed Selections

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Croplan Seed

Backed by 25-plus years of unbiased testing and 6 million Answer Plot® data points, Croplan seed comes with some of the industry’s-leading data for better fertility, crop protection and fungicide decisions.


Xitavo soybean seed includes the Enlist E3® triple-stack herbicide tolerant trait. Enlist E3 soybeans provide tolerance to glyphosate, Liberty® herbicide, and the new 2,4-D choline salt. With the ability to use glyphosate, Liberty® herbicide, and the new 2,4-D choline salt, soybean farmers can employ multiple modes of action against their most difficult weeds.


XO 2832E

XO 3014E

XO 3131E

XO 3651E

XO 3752E


NK Seeds is constantly working to make sure you get top-performing corn and soybean seed — no strings attached. Because come harvest, all that matters is how the seed performs on YOUR acre.

Brevant Seed

Brevant® seeds offers high-performance corn and soybean genetics, technology and traits, including the world’s largest proprietary library of corn germplasm from Corteva Agriscience.


For over a century, DEKALB® brand has created a legacy of superior innovations and established a history of unmatched performance potential in the field.








The right soybean can push your yield potential further. Asgrow® brand soybeans offer localized varieties with leading genetics, weed management systems and the maximum profit potential all developed by soybean experts.





Let's Work Together!

If you have an interest in doing business with Sunrise Cooperative, a credit application will need to be completed. There are three types of applications: farm, business or residential. Please download the application that pertains to your business interest with Sunrise, complete and sign, then return the application our corporate office.