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Sunrise Cooperative believes it is our responsibility to bring our customer-owners tools that can provide the best chance of success for their farm operation. Our program uses a unique risk management tool that utilizes both the Agronomy and Grain Marketing teams working together in a completely transparent approach to explore profit/loss and hedge positions allowing the producer to make the best decisions for their operation. Together our solutions advisors work to input and analyze information specific to each producer's operation. This tool offers continuous data entry of grower and market information.

VantagePointe® - Visualizing Total Profit Every Day

Join Brett Calvert, Grain Solutions Manager, as he breaks down the VantagePointe® program.
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Our Integrated Risk Management tool provides enhanced visibility into your profitability throughout the growing season. This software was designed to connect marketing strategies and visualize risk in a live, interactive environment so producers can make more informed decisions with the help and guidance of their Sunrise solutions advisors. The software aggregates everything a producer does that affects their ROI across all crops and focuses on net overall profit and loss across two dimensions of risk: 
  • actual yield at harvest (bushels per acre)
  • harvest price (dollars per bushel).



  • Allows the producer to use their costs of production and compare selling price to determine profitability in real time fashion.

  • Provides a matrix that uses algorithms supported by 30 years of market price data to give a hedge position recommendation.

  • Utilizes crop insurance as a hedging tool to illustrate profitability.

  • Shows a clear, easy to read view of how individual marketing decisions affect their overall profitability.

  • Offers producers a single digital platform to organize all aspects of the farm.

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