Equipment Services

The Sunrise Precision Solutions Equipment team offers services in equipment technology and seed meters to help prepare your planter for spring and your combine for harvest. 

Equipment technology 

  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair 

Seed meter 

  • Repair 
  • Testing & calibration through our Precision Planting MeterMax Ultra test stands 
Contact your Sunrise Precision Solutions Team for help with all this and more.

Seed Meter Service

Bring in your seed meters  to have them:

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The POGO Stick

The POGO Stick is a specialized tool developed by Precision Planting to track final stand counts and plant population following emergence to diagnose planter and emergence issues. This tool streamlines the data recording process by automatically sharing data between devices allowing for quick reports and data interpretation. Whether it is current operation of good equipment or improvements to be made to current planter, the report will direct the SPS team member and grower in the right direction.


Precision Planting: Premier Dealer

From Precision Planting website: “Precision Planting is different from other technology companies in that it takes the farmer’s existing equipment and maximizes the performance of the machinery. Adapting Precision Planting technologies is easy for farmers, saving them time and money, and making their planting and liquid applications more efficient. Precision Planting technologies have made the first pass with the planter the most important field trip all season long for thousands of farmer-customers who are able to seed a field or apply nutrients or seed treatments in a variable-rate method, with precise placement.

Precision Planting is represented in the continental United States by a network of over 400 dealerships and provides technologies to agricultural equipment manufacturers around the world.”

Ag Leader: Blue Delta Dealer

From Ag Leader website: “A higher level of training. A higher level of knowledge. A higher level of service. That's what you get when you work with a Blue Delta Dealer. Blue Delta Dealers are an elite group – 100% dedicated to making precision farming easier and more profitable for you. If you're looking for the highest level of precision farming expertise in the field – from planting through harvest and from hardware to software – no matter the color of your equipment, or your level of experience, you won't find a better partner than one badged with Blue Delta. Blue Delta is elite precision agriculture.”

Sunrise is also pleased to partner with the following Ag Tech companies: