Products & Services

At Sunrise, we think it is important to provide customers with options to fit their needs, which is why we offer a variety of fuel options, as well as additives and dispensing tanks:

  • No-Lead Gasoline
  • Premium On-Road Diesel
  • Premium Off-Road Diesel
  • Fuel Oil & Home Heating Fuel (no longer accepting new customers)
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Cetane Improver
  • Lubricity Improver
  • Rust Prohibitor
  • Single Wall & Dual Wall Tanks
  • Pumps & Dispensing Equipment

Sunrise offers automatic delivery (with credit approval) as well as will call delivery because receiving your fuel in the proper timeframe is important. Our additives are blended into the diesel fuel for superior performance, an extended engine life and improved fuel economy for your vehicles. Winter additives are blended in to eliminate fuel gelling through the coldest months of the year.

Fuel Tank Maintenance

Fuel storage is a critical component of your operation. It is not about just getting a delivery; you need to know what is happening in your fuel tank. Sunrise Energy Solutions Advisors (ESA) are trained to pull fuel samples to see what is going on. These samples will give a visual for what is inside your tank. Contact an ESA today to pull a sample and put a plan in place to stay on top of your fuel tank maintenance.

Power Fuel

Control the volatility of the fuel markets and budget for the upcoming season with Sunrise fuel contracts. You have the ability to contract your fuel needs for any time of the year through Sunrise.  
Through our fuel contracting program, your price per gallon will be locked in with no money down required. And if markets rise, your price will stay the same. Make bidding construction jobs or budgeting for your farm quick and easy when you contract your fuel needs with Sunrise Cooperative.
We understand our customers work in all-weather climates and environments. Utilizing an additive in today’s diesel fuel is a must. That’s why Sunrise Cooperative blends every gallon of diesel delivered to your farm, construction site or trucking facility with Power Service Additives. No need to blend an additive in yourself or worry if you’ll have fuel line freeze ups. Sunrise Cooperative blends Diesel Kleen with cetane boost in the spring and summer months and on top of that, we add Diesel Fuel Supplement winter additive in the fall and winter months. This added protection keeps your equipment running in the coldest of environments.

Fueling Centers

Sunrise operates self-serve fueling centers in Lebanon and Wilmington, Ohio. The centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offer gasoline and road diesel. Please call our Customer Care Center at 800.331.0256 for additional questions.

These locations accept the Sunrise Fleet Card and all major credit cards.

Get Started Today

  1. Apply for an account by filling out a credit application.

  2. You may download and print a credit application from this website or we will send it to you by mail, fax, or email.

  3. Complete the credit application and return it to the address or fax number at the top.

  4. Our credit department will process your application and notify you by mail when completed. 

Liquid Fuel customers: 
After you receive a determination letter from our credit department, please call your local Energy office to schedule a delivery.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you with the quality products and service all customers deserve. We are a local company with dedicated and professional employees.