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Our team of experienced and knowledgeable Feed Solutions Advisors strive to bring our customer-owners quality service and be your trusted advisor to produce thriving livestock. 

Through our feed outlets and feed manufacturing facilities, the Sunrise feed team provides nutritional consultations and recommendations as well as nutrient and ingredient sourcing. Our livestock services team also provides animal husbandry support and advice.

Commercial Feed

The Sunrise Feed Solutions Advisors are species specific professionals that bring the latest nutritional advice to our customer owners who produce beef, dairy and swine, or raise equine and specialty livestock.

At our feed outlets we carry feed for beef and dairy cattle, swine, poultry, goats, horses, and companion animals. We understand the importance of special care and feeding for competitive show animals as well as production animals. We are proud to offer feed options that provide the neccessary nutritional care for both of these types of consumers. 

Our six feed outlets are located at Attica, Ballville, Clarksfield, Minster, Wilmington and South Charleston bringing more bagged feed options to our territory.

Livestock Services

Our livestock services are available to large family farm producers in swine, beef and poultry. The production services offered range from walking the producer’s grower barns, checking the ventilation, as well as care and general welfare of the animals. Our service specialists also mark the animals for harvest and communicate with the growers and owners the status of the groups.

We also offer implant service to our beef producers that buy feed from Sunrise. Implanting the cattle correctly and at the right time is essential for allowing them to perform their best.

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Toll Mill

We have two feed manufacturing facilities (New Bremen and St. Anthony) and work with integrators as well as large family farmers.

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