Animal Nutrition for Show and Farm Animals 

Through feed outlets, Sunrise understands the importance of special care and feeding for competitive show animals or for rising animals for your family. We are proud to offer feed options that provide necessary nutritional care for your animals.

At our feed outlets we carry feed for beef and dairy cattle, swine, poultry, goats, horses, and companion animals. Our six feed outlets are located at Attica, Ballville, Clarksfield, Wilmington and South Charleston bringing a large selection of bagged feed options to our territory.

Honor Show Chow

Animals go through various stages of growth and conditioning that require the right feed and care to keep them healthy, looking their best and producing at your expectations.

We can help you raise your animals to full genetic potential with feed to help build muscle, frame, condition, or any combination of these. We carry our own line of TruCountry Specialty Feed, along with the full line of Purina Honor Show Chow feeds for hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys and more.

Liquid Feed

Since 2013, Quality Liquid Feed (QLF) has increased its demand at a steady pace. QLF is being used today as a ration palatability enhancer, they are also used to deliver a wide variety of nutrients and additives to dairy and beef animals.

The liquid feed supplements are consistent, palatable, convenient and cost effective. We offer QLF through our Attica location. Contact the Attica Sunrise location to establish your Quality Liquid Feed Program.

Heartland Feed Service, LLC.

Growing a stronger future with new partnerships. On April 1, 2022, Sunrise Cooperative and Mercer Landmark officially started a joint venture as Heartland Feed Services LLC. This unites two regional premier feed suppliers into a single operating feed company. By combining the best-in-class feed manufacturing and livestock service and advisory teams, the value of our products and services will be significantly increased for our customer owners.

Heartland Feed Services

Feed Locations