Maximizing your yields

Sunrise Cooperative provides a full lineup of seed, crop protection, crop nutrition, precision and PCT | Sunrise branded products. 

Every season you have important decisions to make when it comes to choosing inputs for your crops. Sunrise Cooperative provides the expertise, knowledge, equipment and facilities to maximize your yields. We look forward to our opportunities to work alongside your operation on every acre. Sunrise is aligned with industry leaders to provide your farm with all your agronomy input needs.
We do our best to make decisions less complex so you can be confident in your selections. Our team of agronomy solutions advisors, whom hold certified crop advisor accreditation, agronomists, precision ag specialists and licensed custom applicators deliver the best products and services through a network of locations in Ohio.


PCT | Sunrise® is a progressive crop technology company that is owned by Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. PCT products are specially formulated to help you feed and protect your plants at precise times throughout the growing season. Our product lineup encompasses precise blends of starters, foliars, finishers, adjuvants, biostimulants, micronutrients, seed treatments and a nitrogen stabilizer.


Why Sunrise Seed

It's our goal to make decisions less complex so you can be confident in your selections. Backed by WinField United, we have a multi-brand approach to ensure leading seed technologies for your farm. Sunrise matches the best seed on your acre, so you can expect industry leading brands that bring attributes to fit your operation, farm by farm, acre by acre.

Through Sunrise Seed you receive not only leading technologies, but state of the art facilities that provide you with your seed how you need it, when you need it.

Ask yourself "Why Sunrise Seed?" The answer is easy: a trusted partner, leading seed technologies, backed by research and industry-leading offerings, distributed through seed warehouses that provide convenience to fit your need on every acre.

Click on our partner brands below to learn more or visit our Plots and Trials page to learn about the research we are conducting on the latest seed varieties and hybrids.

Crop Protection

Sunrise offers a wide variety of crop protection products to protect your field against weeds, diseases and pests. Our agronomy solutions advisors will work alongside you to provide you with choices to tackle the hardest and most difficult fields. Not only will we help put a plan together, but we will follow through on the plan with scouting fields. 
We are about being efficient and timely with every application. For your convenience we can help with custom spraying, we are partnered with companies for aerial application, as well as equipped with liquid load out bays for efficiency for those that do their own applying. We can supply you with bulk and packaged chemicals, as well as pick-up and delivery.

Crop Nutrition

At Sunrise, we have exactly what your crop needs to perform throughout the growing season. Our fertilizer plants located across our territory are prepared to offer you the best product at a competitive price. Included is the knowledge of a customized recommendation with the goal of enhancing your crop. Our recommendations build off of the tissue sampling service we can provide.

Fertilizer Grain Program

The Sunrise Fertilizer Grain Program (FGP) is a risk management tool that allows customer-owners to lock in your fertilizer and grain. This tool lets you lock in future years crop inputs and grain sales at the same time.

PCT Shorts

A series of short, casual and agronomically informative videos from the PCT | Sunrise team to bring you agronomy tips to further your operation's profitability and help you stay on top of what is happening in the field.

Sunrise Precision Solutions

The Sunrise Precision Solutions (SPS) team continually drives home a high level of service and commitment to our customer-owners; all of which is organized around research, data management, innovation and equipment services.
The SPS team looks forward to enhancing our partnerships with our member-owners, and providing you with the knowledge, service and equipment to turn data into insights, and insights into value based decisions.

Agronomy Locations