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Did You Find the Golden Ticket?
Apr 13, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise Cooperative has teamed with The Ohio University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences for the 2021 Farm Science Review Golden Ticket. 
3 Management Considerations for Corn-on-Corn Acres
Apr 13, 2021 | Answer Plot
Corn-on-corn acres require additional management considerations to get the most from the crop. Whether it’s adjusting your fertility program or managing crop residue, even small changes to your plan could have big impacts on the crop’s productivity potential. Here are three...
Micronutrients Aren’t Optional
Apr 13, 2021 | Answer Plot
When you hear the word “micro,” what comes to mind? Do you immediately think “inconsequential,” “insignificant” or “nonessential”? If so, you may assume that micronutrients are an optional component of your plant nutrition program. But that’s not the case. Micronutrients are...
Sunrise Shares Career Opportunities in Magnify Video Series
Apr 07, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise Cooperative teamed up with the Greater Springfield Partnership to help promote job opportunities in Clark County through its Magnify video series.
Updated Weather Featured on Website
Mar 23, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
On March 24, 2021 visitors to the Sunrise Cooperative website will begin to notice an updated weather page. An enhanced user experience, with a modern look, is the ultimate goal for each visitor.  
Co-ops connecting America and bridging the digital divide, one grain elevator at a time
Mar 23, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Land O’Lakes, Inc. member co-op Sunrise Cooperative CEO, George Secor, shares his passion to bring much-needed broadband connectivity and its impact on customers and the community.
SPS Video Hub Released
Mar 22, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Make sure to tune in for the latest information from the Sunrise Precision Solutions Team in its newly released SPS Video Hub. 
National Ag Day: Food Brings Everyone to the Table
Mar 22, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
On Tuesday, March 23, 2021 Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. will join in the celebration for National Agriculture Day. The theme for the 48th anniversary of National Day 2021 is “Food Brings Everyone to the Table.”
Are You Capitalizing on Carbon Capture?
Mar 18, 2021 | Answer Plot
PCT in the Field: Curious about performance data? The soybean results are in!
Mar 17, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Every year, PCT | Sunrise® deploys research plots across Ohio. The plots test current and future products available for growers. The datasets help with placement and recommended environments that PCT products can be utilized to improve crop performance!Check out the latest...
What’s the Value of an Adjuvant?
Mar 15, 2021 | Answer Plot
4 Tips for Successful Weed Control
Mar 15, 2021 | Answer Plot
Sunrise is a Proud Supporter of Ohio 4-H
Mar 05, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise Cooperative is honored to support Ohio 4-H. We would like to recognize the nearly 200,000 young members from Ohio that participate in 4-H clubs, camps and school enrichment programs and in other extension youth groups and educational activities during Ohio 4-H Week...
Cooperative Conversations with George: Episode 12
Mar 03, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Tune into Episode 12 of Cooperative Conversations with President/CEO George D. Secor for an update at Sunrise Cooperative.