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2021 Sunrise Cooperative Employee Day
Aug 02, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise Cooperative will be closed on Friday, August 6, 2021 for Employee Appreciation Day. 
Cooperative Conversations with George: Episode 15
Aug 02, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Tune into Episode 15 of Cooperative Conversations with President/CEO George D. Secor for an update at Sunrise Cooperative. 
Want Big Yields? Don’t Skimp on Zinc.
Aug 02, 2021 | Answer Plot
When it comes to plant nutrition, N, P and K are often in the limelight. But zinc is an unsung nutrient hero that helps maintain some of a plant’s most important physiological processes. Here are some reasons it’s time to rethink the power of zinc. Zinc promotes consistent...
Don’t Let a Boron Deficiency Compromise Your Corn
Jul 30, 2021 | Answer Plot
When corn plants reach tasseling and early reproductive stages, there are many important factors at play supporting their healthy development. One that’s often overlooked but can have a sizeable impact is the presence of boron. When sufficient, boron supports healthy...
Our Ohio Weekly: Starting ag careers after high school
Jul 27, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
For generations it has been ingrained in our society that after you graduate high school, the next logical step is to continue your education at the college level.
5 Ways to Find Success With Fungicides
Jul 21, 2021 | Answer Plot
It’s time to bust the myth once and for all that fungicides aren’t worth investing in. Research has continually shown yield advantages when a fungicide application is made. In fact, our Answer Plot ® trials have consistently shown an average of more than 10 bushel per acre...
3 Tips for More Economical Fungicide Applications
Jul 07, 2021 | Answer Plot
When weighing purchase decisions, there are many factors to consider, but when push comes to shove, it’s all about the ROI potential. Here are three steps you can take to make more economical fungicide decisions, regardless of what the season brings. 1. Identify responsive...
Tips For Managing Drought-Stressed Fields
Jul 01, 2021 | Answer Plot
You can purchase the right equipment, seed and inputs to set your season up for success, but you can’t control the weather. Navigating the challenges of Mother Nature is one of trickiest parts of farming. This is especially true when it comes to managing crops through drought...
Technology Working to Keep Producers Safe
Jun 24, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise purchased BW Single-Gas Oxygen Detectors to give to some of our producers who have upright silos to ensure they have clean air when checking their silos.
Peace of Mind with Total Protection Plan
Jun 23, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
There are numerous risks to manage as a farmer and one of the largest is your equipment. Sunrise offers coverage through the CENEX Total Protection Plan® for some peace of mind.
2022 Input Financing Program
Jun 22, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Earn 0% financing and defer payment until April 30, 2023 with the Sunrise Input Financing Program.
Use Response-To Fungicide Scores to Make Data-Based Decisions
Jun 22, 2021 | Answer Plot
This year’s favorable crop prices and solid market conditions offer a unique opportunity to invest in management strategies that can really bump up your yield and ROI potential. One of the considerations you may approach differently this year is fungicide applications. When...
Use Response-to Scores to Guide Agronomic Decisions
Jun 21, 2021 | Answer Plot
Response-to scores can help you better match the hybrids you choose to your management style and farm environment, which allows you to allocate your crop inputs budget more precisely. For the last 10 years, WinField United has measured and recorded the response of various...
Fuel Tank Maintenance
Jun 11, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Fuel storage is a critical component of your operation. It is not about just getting a delivery; you need to know what is happening in your fuel tank. 
Official Kick Off of 2022 RISE FFA Career Program
Jun 10, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise Cooperative has officially kicked off year three of its RISE FFA Career Program with the Ohio FFA.
Sunrise Cooperative’s Move To Remote Tank Monitoring
Jun 10, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
One distributor’s experience in optimizing propane delivery with IIoT technology.
Use In-Season Tools to Illuminate Opportunities
Jun 07, 2021 | Answer Tech
During the growing season, every minute counts. Many times, extra hands are hard to come by and more hours in the day are not an option. However, quality technology that is properly leveraged can quickly detect field problems and successes to help you know exactly where to...
Growing Our Own: Sunrise Announces Inaugural Class of Sunrise University
Jun 03, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise Cooperative has announced the addition of nine team members as an extension of its RISE FFA Career Program.
Sunrise Awards $1,000 to Van Buren FFA
Jun 03, 2021 | Sunrise Cooperative
Sunrise Cooperative is pleased to award $1,000 to the Van Buren FFA Chapter for continued ag education endeavors.
Address Early-Season Issues With Technology
May 27, 2021 | Answer Tech
After the rush of spring planting, it can be hard to monitor every field for in-season problems such as poor stands, seedling diseases, winterkill, early-season pests and weed pressure. There’s just not time to go back and manually scout every field, but early detection of...