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Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. is a leading agricultural and energy cooperative located in Ohio. We offer agronomy, energy, feed, grain and precision products and services to help you with your day to day operations for your farm, home or business. Our team-based approach to customer service gives you access to a full range of knowledge and expertise within the cooperative. Our investment in our people, and our facilities, allows us to provide the best solutions for our member-owners. We offer our branded PCT | Sunrise products, which encompasses precise blends of starters, foliars, finishers, adjuvants, biologicals and micronutrients to help maximize yield.


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FINISH STRONG. Adding nutrients in the last stages of growth ensures your crops develop to their full potential. Our finishers give corn and soybeans the energy and protection needed for strong yields and excellent health. 

FULL POTENTIAL. GrainMaker® provides growth promoting rhizobacteria to enhance the division of cells as well as leaf and root growth. Soybeans also receive boron and sugar to move nutrients throughout the plant, retain flowers and fill pods. For corn, the added sugar promotes pollen tube growth and fertilization to fill out each ear of corn.

EASY APPLICATION. GrainMaker® finishers are compatible with fungicides and insecticides for easy application to reduce trips across the field. Urea liquor can also be added to Soy Finisher to further enhance your crop’s potential. Our local experts stand behind products and are ready to help you achieve results.



Discover a Career

Our employees are critical to the growth and success of our customer-owners. Learn how to join our team and discover our available positions.

Farm Safety Kids Booklet

The number of lessons kids can learn at home are endless and farm safety is no exception!  To view the Farm Safety kids booklet click below. 

Learn in Real Time

Sunrise offers a summer internship program for students looking to gain experience in the agricultural industry. 



PCT | Sunrise® is a progressive crop technology company that is owned by Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. PCT products are specially formulated to help you feed and protect your plants at precise times throughout the growing season. Our product lineup encompasses precise blends of starters, foliars, finishers, adjuvants, biostimulants, micronutrients, seed treatments and a nitrogen stabilizer. For more information on our family brands click the logo below.

Learn More About PCT | Sunrise

Giving Back

Fueling the Cure

Fueling the Cure was created with the hope of finding a common goal for agricultural cooperatives to work together, ultimately bettering their communities through the support of cancer research. BECAUSE WE CARE.

Supporting Youth

Youth are the future leaders of our industry, which is why Sunrise Cooperative firmly belives in supporting organizations such as FFA and 4-H. Our yearly scholarship is another way we are actively pouring into the youth in our local communities. 

Rider's Unlimited

Riders Unlimited offers horsemanship opportunities to individuals with and without physical, mental, emotional and psychological disabilities. Located on just over nine acres in Oak Harbor, Ohio and is one of the oldest 501(c)(3) non-profit therapeutic riding facilities in Northwest Ohio.