Decommissioned WAAS Satellite 138

In May 2022 the WAAS program will enter a new geostationary satellite into service. A new satellite, PRN 135 was activated on April 26, 2022, replacing PRN 138. Effective May 17, 2022, the WAAS satellite PRN 138 will be decommissioned by the FAA and cease transmissions. After this date, GNSS receivers which have been manually set to receive corrections from PRN 138 will not be able to obtain differential correction. A different PRN will need to be selected. PRN’s 131, 133 are still operational in addition to the newly added PRN 135.

What to Do

If your GNSS receiver is affected you must either manually change WAAS PRN settings to one of the operational satellites 131, 133, 135 or choose “Automatic” to receive GPS corrections. For your reference, we have provided tutorials below to help with the transition. If you would need further assistance, please contact your Sunrise Precision Solutions Specialist.

Ag Leader Compass Display
 with GPS 6000

Ag Leader Edge Display
 with GPS 1500

Ag Leader InCommand Display
 with Paradyme GPS

Ag Leader Versa/Integra
 Display with GPS 1500

Case IH Pro700 Display
 with 372 GPS Receiver

Case IH Pro1200 Display with Vector Pro Receiver

InCommand Display with GPS 6000/6500/7500

Raven Phoenix
 200/300 GPS Receiver

Trimble CFX 750
 Display and GPS

Trimble EZ-Guide 500
 Display and GPS