Unsurpassed Coverage for Your Peace of Mind 

The CENEX Total Protection Plan (TTP) extends protection above and beyond your original equipment manufacturer’s warranty. 

The Total Protection Plan is committed to quality and dependability. 

TPP covers thousands of pieces of equipment, includes periodic maintenance reminders, helps avoid downtime through
LubeScan® and has no deductible.

The Total Protection Plan

Program Highlights

• Covers new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours 

• Covers used equipment for up to 8 years or 8,000 hours

• Extends protection above and beyond original equipment manufacturers’ warranties

• Provides comprehensive protection for just $799 and nets you $200 in Cenex® products upon warranty activation

No deductible

• Includes periodic maintenance reminders to help keep your equipment in top condition

• Helps avoid downtime through LubeScan® used oil analysis fluid sample reports that provide insight into internal equipment condition

• Transfers to purchasers of your equipment

How do I Apply?

Complete the application and agreement on the Cenex® website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cenex Total Protection Plan

What is the cost?

$799 one-time fee + a $200 credit towards Cenex® products = net $599

What does the warranty cover?

Anything that CENEX® branded fluid touches. (Engine parts, hydraulics, pumps used for various lubricants, etc.). It does not cover fuel injectors.

How does CENEX oil and lubricants compare to leading tractor branded types?

CENEX is API certified and does meet all OEM manufacturer specifications for agricultural equipment on the market today.

How long does the warranty last?

Coverage includes new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours and used equipment for up to 8 years or 8,000 hours.

Can the warranty transfer?

Agricultural equipment covered under the CENEX Total Protection Plan warranty can transfer when there is more than six months remaining in the warranty term.

Can I cover my older equipment?

No coverage is available for equipment older than 8 years from its manufacture date.

What happens to my warranty that I got when I bought my tractor?

The CENEX Total Protection Plan® is an after-market warranty. If your OEM does not cover your issue, then the TPP will cover it if it has touched CENEX lubricants. In addition, the Magnuson-Moss Act, assures that your OEM warranty on a piece of equipment will be recognized if you are using lubricants that meets the specs. 

What causes my TPP plan to be void?

You must use CENEX branded lubricants and oil, or your warranty would be voided and no refund will be issued. Oil scans must be sent in annually or at the time of each oil change.

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