Stay Safe with Grain Bin Safety Week

Feb 21, 2022

Grain bin accidents are one of the most common types of farming accidents with 400 grain entrapments being reported over the past decade. With so many cases, it becomes even more important for present and future generations to have safety measures put in place to keep themselves safe. 

That’s why Grain Bin Safety Week is so important. It’s a week designed to raise awareness about the dangers involved with grain bins and how to take measures to make working with them safer. 

Run by Nationwide in collaboration with industry leaders, Grain Bin Safety Week has been organized since 2014 to help give farmers access to information to improve grain bin safety on their operations. Its goal is to raise awareness about different ways to help communities and farmers gain access to tools and instruction that will help prevent accidents and rescue those caught in them. This is largely facilitated by the annual grain bin rescue tube contest where local fire departments can be nominated to win a grain bin rescue tube and a six-hour training session on entrapment rescue. 

Grain bin safety week runs from February 20th-26th this year. Information on how to make farm operations safer, nominate local fire departments for the grain bin rescue tube contest, and how to support the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety are all available on Nationwide’s website. Resources include press releases, webinars, and articles all designed to help farmers make their operations safer for all involved. 

Article written by Aubree Houin, Sunrise Cooperative Marketing Intern

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