Peace of Mind with Total Protection Plan

Oct 18, 2021

There are numerous risks to manage as a farmer and one of the largest is your equipment. Coverage through the CENEX Total Protection Plan® will give you peace of mind and Steve Arters from Spencer, Ohio has first-hand experience.
Last week, Kyle Martin, Sunrise Cooperative Energy Solutions Advisor, presented Steve with a check to cover his transmission that failed on his tractor. This was part of the Total Protection Plan that offered added protection for parts of his tractor that utilizes CENEX® oil.
“This protection program gives me peace of mind,” said Steve. “It is a small investment that paid huge dividends for my farm. This was a no brainer and I encourage everyone to take a closer look at it. It was a relief to know that I had the backing of the protection plan as we began repairs.”
After experiencing issues with his tractor, Steve contacted the dealership which determined a transmission issue. Working with Sunrise, a LubeScan was taken to confirm there was no issue with the oil. Coverage under the plan essentially includes anything that touches the CENEX oil, which for Steve, the transmission repairs were covered.
The CENEX Total Protection Plan extends beyond manufactures warranties and provides coverage to farmers who use CENEX lubricants. It covers new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours and used equipment for up to 8 years or 8,000 hours, with no deductible.
“It is added protection,” said Kyle. “Breakdowns can happen at any time and with the Total Protection Plan from CENEX it allows you to protect yourself from some added expenses for your operation.”
Contact a Sunrise Energy Solutions Advisor today to learn more about how the CENEX Total Protection Plan works as a comprehensive risk management tool for your operation that keeps you in the field and provides you peace of mind.

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