An Oil Analysis Now – Keeps you Going Strong

Jan 15, 2021

To keep yourself healthy, you have yearly check-ups. The same applies to your equipment. Examining a sample of used engine oil can provide clues about the health of your engine. Sunrise Cooperative is partnered with Cenex® Lubricants and utilizes a LubeScan kit to guide you through routine checks of your equipment.
By analyzing a sample of used engine oil, you can determine the metal counts, water, antifreeze and fuel in your oil, as well as get a look at how much of your main additive package is left in your oil. The real benefit of any oil analysis is that it acts as an early warning system, alerting you to potential problems before they become an equipment failure.
The results of the LubeScan provides an analysis of where your numbers are at. The analysis will provide a review that notifies you that things look good, tells you things to keep an eye on or items that are concerning and they need to be looked at.
“This is a great way to keep a history of your engines,” says Peter Mainzer, Sunrise Energy Solutions Advisor. “Performing a LubeScan at every oil change allows you to keep an eye on your engine. If something is progressing, you will know and will be able to catch if before it turns into something catastrophic.”
An oil analysis benefits all engines, from passenger cars to fleet vehicles to agricultural equipment.
According to Jeff Davis, Sunrise Energy Solutions Advisor, “It is a report that tells you what is going on inside your engine. It is a great thing to have as part of your preventative maintenance program.
To learn more about the benefits of a LubeScan contact a Sunrise Energy Solutions Advisor today! Let’s work together to prevent any issues with your equipment, as well as prolong the life of your engine.

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