SUNSOLUTIONS®  - Risk Management Contracts

Grain marketing can be complex and challenging. That’s why SUNSOLUTIONS® offers various pricing tools to help you manage your risk through pricing diversification. Our team of solution advisors work with you every step of the way to help you choose the tools that best compliment your grain marketing plan.

SUNSOLUTIONS®  - Managed Pricing Tools

SUNSOLUTIONS® pricing tools let you create a marketing plan that manages risk and maximizes value. Our managed pricing tolls combine discipline, expertise, and delegation to protect you against the volatility of the market.

The SunPro contract is managed by independent marketing experts. It helps to diversify your marketing portfolio while giving you more time to spend on other important tasks. 


This will be rules based technical sell signal program. We market bushels based off 4 sell signals and the volume of bushels sold will be determined by the number of signals hit.

The SunTru contract establishes a hedge price by taking a simple daily average during the seasonally higher pricing window of the contract. This helps reduce the impact of marketing volatility while staying true to the market. 


Driven by back-tested mathematics, the SunViz contract will apply trading rules based on math, not emotion. This program is back-tested over 25+ years to systematically add value aggressively in a sideways market. This program will average into a hedge over time and continuously aim to add apha by anticipating tight mean reversion in grain markets. 


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