2024 SPS Showcase

Join us on February 7, 2024 for the SPS Showcase at the Lausche Building, Ohio Expo Center & State Fairground

717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211.

The Showcase will begin at 9:00 a.m. with Registration opening at 8:15 a.m.

Come for an industry partner tradeshow, optional breakout sessions and forward thinking keynote speakers!

Keynote Speakers

Jason Webster

Jason Webster is the Precision Planting Lead Commercial Agronomist and PTI Farm Director. His keynote will focus on the Lessons Learned from 2023 Precision Planting PTI On-Farm Research, including the following topics:

  • Top Ten Success and Failures at the PTI Farm in 2023
  • Multi-Genetic Corn Planting
  • High Management Corn and Soybeans
  • Corn Nitrogen: A "Green" New Approach

Aaron Hunsinger

Aaron Hunsinger is the Demand Creation Manager North America for One Smart Spray. His keynote will cover the ONE Integrated, Reliable Solution for Smart Weed Control, including the following points:

  • The need for target spraying application
  • What it takes to be capable to target spray
  • Advantages of spot spraying
  • How the One targeted system works
  • Challenges of targeted spray system and is it right for your operation