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The Sunrise Cooperative $1,000 College Scholarships are one year in length and are open to all children and grandchildren of Sunrise Cooperative common stockholders, or all children and grandchildren of active full-time Sunrise Cooperative employees who are enrolling or are currently enrolled in a two-year or four-year accredited college program. The student must be enrolled for the entirety of the year to receive the full $1,000 scholarship. The application timeframe for the 2024 Sunrise Scholarship will open in December through February 16, 2024


RISE FFA Career Program

Are you a high school Senior active in your FFA Chapter?
We have a position for you.

The RISE FFA Career Program is a four-year commitment. The first two years will be spent rotating through different divisions learning about Sunrise Cooperative. Following the introductory two years, the individual will be evaluated and placed into a position based on their interest/expertise for the remainder of their commitment at Sunrise. At the end of the four-year commitment the individual will be assessed to determine their future with Sunrise. 



Are you looking for an Internship?
Sunrise Cooperative has an opportunity for you.

Each year Sunrise Cooperative brings on a number of interns to provide support in all departments of Sunrise Cooperative including agronomy, energy, grain and precision. All hired interns also have the opportunity to complete a summer project and present it to the Sunrise leadership to win a $1,000 scholarship.

The internship application is open September through November; interns are interviewed and selected in the winter months.

Looking for a Job?

If you're looking for a Full or Part-time job, click over to our Careers page to view our postings.