Great Disease Environment

Rising Grain Markets

Apply a Foliar Fungicide

This growing season has been a challenge across Ohio and ultimately, with the rising grain markets we need to get the most bushels we can! Take a moment to listen to Jonah Johnson, Sales Agronomist from PCT | Sunrise, as he evaluates the importance of using a fungicide on your acres. Fungicides are a great way to protect your corn plants from yield robbing diseases and reach your full profit potential.

The Disease Triangle is Establishing

This challenging growing season has led to a disease triangle that is setting up and could lead to potential issues with the crop. A disease occurs when a disease-causing agent, or pathogen, meets the right host organism under environmental conditions favorable to disease development.


These three elements, pathogen, host and environmental conditions, make up the disease triangle. The disease triangle is a concept that illustrates the importance of all three elements—just as there are three sides to a triangle, there are three critical factors necessary for disease to develop.

We have our Sunrise Agronomy Solutions Advisors monitoring fields for disease. If you would like to learn more contact a ASA today.



Plant Health ROI Insights

The Plant Health ROI Insights Sheet is an interactive tool allowing you to work with your Agronomy Solutions Advisor (ASA) on what corn hybrid you planted, the market price of corn and the fungicide application expense. This tool, setup in a Microsoft Excel form, allows your ASA to see what your minimum and maximum return on investment could be. This is a great tool to utilize with your ASA to aid in making the best agronomic and economic decisions.

Tune into a conversation with Sunrise Precision Solutions team member, Craig Houin, and WinField United District Sales Manager, Auggie Smith, as they discuss the value of using this tool. 


Fungicide On Corn at Tassel

Randy Myers from Bayer, explains the important contribution fungicides make to corn plant health.

Fungicide on Soybeans

Randy Myers from Bayer, discusses the importance of fungicide in soybeans.

Let's Work Together

Strong partnerships with farmers like you, as well as with your agronomy sales and operations teams, product manufacturers and custom aerial applicators will help you get the job completed. Let’s work together to not leave any bushels out in the field this year!