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By: Jonah T. Johnson, MS, CPAg, CCA - Sales Agronomist, PCT | Sunrise

Brought to you by: Jonah T. Johnson, MS, CPAg, CCA - Sales Agronomist, PCT | Sunrise
November 5, 2021: Are You Experiencing Glyphosate Shortages? Now What?


Several major herbicides have very limited supply for the unforeseen future. Listen in for “what to do” weed control recommendations when certain herbicides are not available this fall and for 2022 growing season.


October 12, 2021: Do You Have Varying Test Weight In Your Corn?


Varying weather, disease and stalk rots can all lead to varying test weight in corn. This week we discuss some examples that can lead to low kernel weights, which can create low test weight.


September 30, 2021: Be Vigilant Of Corn Standability, Ear Molds And Fall Armyworm


High-yielding crops coupled with a challenging growing season in 2021, has led to many growers experiencing corn stalk quality issues and ear molds. Coupled with these issues, watch out for additional Fall Armyworm feeding pressure. Tune in this week for more information…


August 27, 2021: Fall Armyworm Presence Has Increased Across Ohio


Fall armyworm (FAW) presence has increased in Ohio and reports are coming in with concern to their current crops.

Sensitive Crops to scout FIRST:

  1. Double Crop Soybeans

  2. Alfalfa fields

  3. Grass hay fields

  4. Yards are being consumed also


August 10, 2021: Soybeans Showing Signs of Stress Across Ohio

As we move into late summer, challenging environmental conditions have caused nutrient deficiencies and disease pressure to show up in Ohio soybeans.

Listen in this week as we explain Manganese deficiency and what causes this in our soybeans.



July 23, 2021: Soybean Conundrum Of The Week? Cover Crops, Voles, Phytophthora, Oh My!

Heavy residue from prior crops can benefit and harm future plantings.

Soybean stands can be greatly reduced when disease, residue and varmints all collide into one field.

Join us this week to see what to look for in diagnosing soybean stand issues.



July 7, 2021: Slow Growing Soybeans and SDS. There’s a test for that!

Soybeans across Ohio have been rather slow in their growing progress. Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) is now showing across Ohio.

Tune in on how to identify the symptoms and learn about a new soil DNA test that can quantify SDS spore loads in your soil that can assist future management decisions.


May 19, 2021: What’s your wheat growth stage?

Flowering is upon us, fungicide timing is approaching!

Fusarium head blight, also know as head scab in small grains, specifically wheat, can diminish grain quality and create vomitoxin within the wheat grain.

Tune in this week as we discuss proper fungicide timings and how we can push our wheat as the crop enters the reproductive stage.


May 14, 2021: Evaluating your crop status: plant digs, disease & Insect scouting

Cold, wet conditions have delayed many growers overall crop progress over the last 30 days. Evaluating your crop stands and overall health now will be important for future performance.

Tune into our video to learn more!


April 30, 2021: Preparing for the Freeze: Part Two - Evaluating Your Crop's Response to Freeze

Today we evaluate the effect of the recent freeze on the wheat field from Part One of our Freeze series. Tune in for specifics on dissecting your wheat plants and looking for damage, as well as what to look for in your corn and soybeans.


April 21, 2021: Preparing for the Freeze: Part One - Know Your Growth Stage!

Recent weather forecasts are expecting a hard freeze across Ohio this evening and into early Thursday morning. A freeze event has the potential to injure and damage active growing points in our wheat crop as well as newly emerging soybeans.

Check out Part One of our video this week, to evaluate where your crop growth stage is and see what we can do going forward. Tune in next week for Part Two - Evaluating Your Crop's Response to Freeze.

April 14, 2021: Does Fall Fertilizer Matter to Winter Wheat?

Check out our video to answer that important question!

Establishing a successful winter wheat crop begins in the fall with proper planting timing, seeding rate and nutrition. Many growers question the input costs associated with adding fertilizer to wheat in the fall.

Follow our Sunrise Ag tip from JJ for the outcome when fall fertilizer is not used.


February 22, 2021: Don’t get “Agitated” when mixing your herbicide spray mixes!

Check out our video on the proper mixing procedure for the Enlist herbicide program. Creating a successful herbicide tank mix takes proper planning and most importantly, following the proper mixing order. If the proper order is not followed, spray solution antagonism can occur and herbicides and or adjuvants can separate from the mix and cause application issues. The spray ingredients can fall out of solution, application rates are applied incorrectly, which can lead to inadequate herbicide application and ultimately lead to pesticide failure.

November 24, 2020: Mixing extra nutrients with your starter fertilizer in 2021? Be cautious!

Choosing high-quality, chelated starter-fertilizers are important from the compatibility perspective. When choosing nutrients, make sure to ask if they are chelated, what they are chelated with and will they be compatible?

Tune in with Jonah T. Johnson, PCT | Sunrise Sales Agronomist, for Mixology 101!