Ag Tips from JJ: July18

Brought to you by: Jonah T. Johnson, MS, CPAg, CCA - Sales Agronomist, PCT | Sunrise

July 18, 2019: Applying a fungicide or foliar nutrition product? Make sure to identify your soybean’s proper growth stage for proper application timing!

Ohio crops are beginning to progress, and for those of us who have interest in applying foliar fungicides and /or foliar nutrition products to our soybeans, knowing the proper growth stages is crucial to enable your crop to maximize performance from the intended application.

Most foliar nutrition products in soybeans are recommended to be applied during the V3-V5 vegetative growth stages and foliar fungicides are typically recommended to be applied between the R1-R3 reproductive growth stages. Some late-season foliar nutrition products can be partnered with fungicides as well, all during the reproductive growth stages. Make sure to read and understand your product labeling for proper application recommendations.

Below are pictorial descriptions of a soybean plant.