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About Plots & Trials at Sunrise Cooperative

Increasing yields is good thing, but how much does that yield increase cost per acre? Plots and trials play a vital role, and the Sunrise Precision Solutions (SPS) team is setup to handle processing many different trials. Throughout the Sunrise trade territory, the same protocol is used so when the data is collected, it is consistent for the entire cooperative. From seed variety plots to fungicide applications, the SPS team plants a wide variety of trials each year based on what is relevant to our customer-owners. These plot and trial results bring localized information to customers and aid decision making around the incorporation of products and/or management practices. Our goal is to provide our customer-owners with multiple years of data to help determine what will provide a positive ROI on the farm. For more information or to connect with a Sunrise Precision Specialist email

Assess the Progess Newsletter

This year, Sunrise Cooperative plans to put out 40 corn plots, 20 Xtend soybean plots and 12 Liberty Link plots. We also will be testing some of our Progressive Crop Technology products from our PCT | Sunrise line. Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter, Assess the Progress, throughout the growing season and read how these plots and trials progress!

Issue 6: July 13, 2018

2017 Post-Harvest Results