Every aspect of agriculture today is impacted by a global marketplace – from seed development and precision technology to marketing and transporting grain to the end-user. As U.S. agricultural exports continue to climb and the demand for food and fuel grows, so do your opportunities to market grain beyond our borders. Sunrise Cooperative has stayed in step by building facilities, increasing technology and improving customer interaction with our buyers.

At Sunrise, our grain solution advisors are aligned with national trade organizations, international commodity groups and industry experts so they stay at the forefront of this complex, and often dynamic, global marketplace. Our certified professionals will work with you to create a trusting relationship and individualized marketing plan that takes into account your risk management levels, storage options and operational goals.

Our grain division also provides various storage options and efficient, reliable grain terminals and elevators. Our facilities have railway access to four main railway lines, allowing us to store and sell when most profitable to you.

Whether storing or selling grain for your farm, Sunrise will work with you to help manage your commodities and risks to achieve success in a diverse, global marketplace.