Raising livestock today takes a multifaceted approach that includes top-quality feed, nutritional analysis marketing advice, profit projections and aligning the right animals with the right producers. At Sunrise, our team of animal nutrition and alignment experts work one-on-one with producers to help guide them to raising profitable livestock year after year.

We provided top-quality feed for dairy, beef, swine and other commercial livestock through our feed milling operations in New Bremen and St. Anthony, Ohio, with bagged feed also available at our Farm Homes stores in Minster, Springfield, Xenia, Ohio and through our grain facilities located at Attica, Clarksfield and Fremont (Ballville), Ohio. A Sunrise representative will work with you to show how you can grow your profitability based on adjustments to nutrition and feed your animals are staying healthy and gaining at optimal potential.

Specialty Feed For Your Farm

Our house-brand feed, TruCountry Horse Feed and TruCountry Original Feed, is a great way to provide a wholesome diet made of healthy, nutritious grains that protect and promote the health of your animals. Available through our Farm & Home stores in Georgetown, Minster, Springfield and Xenia, Ohio, we are proud to provide our customers a feed that is homegrown and bagged in Ohio.

TruCountry Original Feed

We understand the pride that comes from raising your own animals, working the land with your own& hands and putting a meal on your plate that you produced.

Our TruCountry Original Feed for cattle, hogs, goats and more is made at the same high level we would want food to be produced for our own family. The grains in our feed come from Ohio farmers who have worked the land for decades and take great pride in growing the best crop possible. We understand the importance of quality, homegrown food. That’s what we would want on our plate.

Recommended for animals being raised for food or breeding, our TruCountry Original Feed contains whole grains and a complete nutritional package of protein, vitamins and minerals.

To learn more about Sunrise feed and what our animal nutrition and alignment experts can offer for your farm, contact your Sunrise feed solutions advisor.