Ag Tips from JJ

Brought to you by: Jonah T. Johnson, MS, CPAg, CCA - Sales Agronomist, PCT | Sunrise
April 18, 2019: With the on-set of corn planting, the next question you get is “How long does it take corn to emerge?
A Few Items to Keep in Mind
  1. Imbibe 30-35% of kernel weight in water           
    1. Imbibitional chilling-absorbing cold water and causing emergence issues
    2. Important to have good seed to soil contact 

  2. Soil Temps at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit
    1. Radical elongation
    2. Seminal roots- cease growth at V3 and nodal roots (a.k.a. “adult roots” begin to emerge
    3. Energy is coming from endosperm (a.k.a. the seed reserves) 

  3. VE-Mesocotyl pushes Coleoptile through the soil surface
    1. 90-120 growing degree day’s (GDD) to emergence
    2. Crown and Nodal root are at .75 inches below soil surface

April 10, 2019: Still questioning your winter wheat stands? To destroy or not to destroy...that can be a challenging question. 
Numerous inquiries have come on whether or not to proceed with managing thin wheat stands for yield. Over the years, I have seen really thin stands perform very respectfully well. Wheat is surprisingly a very resilient crop.
However, if you have large holes within fields that are completely missing stands, then those are easier candidates to terminate and transition to soybeans or corn. Sometimes wheat stands in linear rows can be deceiving, especially when there is brown tissue within the row. Be sure to take adequate stand counts to quantify your yield potential and to determine the best course of action.

April 5, 2019: Curious on StandUp Fertizol family, starter fertilizers and BioBuild BioComplete mix timings
How long prior to use can PCT | Sunrise® StandUp® Fertizol® and Fertizol® Zn be mixed with starter fertilizers? Secondly, how early before applying BioBuild™ BioComplete can it be mixed with water? 
From an operations standpoint, we are aiming for a “just in time” delivery of these products to the farm when they are premixed at the plant. Ideally these products should be kept separate from the starter fertilizer and added “just in time” for planting use at the farm.  

StandUp Fertizol and Fertizol Zn
  • When mixed with starter fertilizer, the product should be applied within 24-48 hours.
  • These products are very strong and have the ability to start pulling impurities out of the starter fertilizer (e.g. 10-34-0), and occasionally can cause solids to form in the tank. This is why we recommended using as soon as possible after mixing.
  • ​When using StandUp premium starters with the Fertizol family of products, application is recommended as close as possible after being mixed. As with most product mixes, agitation/recirculation is recommended prior to application.
BioBuild BioComplete
  • Should be protected from freezing.
  • Ideally when mixing with water, it should be used as soon as possible.
  • If a rainout occurs after mixing, and the solution has to sit in a tank, try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible when waiting to apply.
  • As a reminder, there are live organisms in this product which will continue to reproduce. Keeping out of direct sunlight slows this process, therefore minimizing solids formation.

March 26, 2019: Have you checked your winter wheat? 
Wheat has broken winter dormancy…so have the weeds.  Click for herbicide recommendations when “top-dressing” your wheat.”