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In the Precision Vision Podcast, hosts Craig Houin and Morgan Seger discuss the relevant precision technology in the agriculture industry as well as introduce and evaluate new tech as it arrives on the scene. With the help of industry leaders, Craig and Morgan will also walk through the best practices of these ag tech tools to help optimize growers' economic return.


Episode 40: Precision Across the US – Part 1

Precision technology is an asset to cooperatives, precision specialists and growers through planting, growing, harvesting and planning seasons. Today we start out a two-part series discussing precision technology across the US including the challenges and value found by four experienced and diverse precision specialists:
  • Troy Walker – Precision Ag Manager, MKC (Kansas)
  • Ben Carlisle – Ag Technology Manager, GreenPoint AG (Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas)
  • Brent Wiesenburger – Director of Ag Technology Services, Agtegra (North Dakota, South Dakota)
  • Glen Frazlubbers – Director of Professional Ag Services, Central Valley Ag (Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas)


Episode 39: Monitoring Possibilities

Prepping your monitor for spring planting is one of the most important things you can do. When your monitor is off so many other things can, and will, go wrong. Today we talk with Rick Barens, Digital Technology Manager with WinField United, about monitor to-dos for spring and why monitors are so important when it comes to planting.


Episode 38: An Agworld of Opportunity

“The difference between Easy and Simple,” is probably not what comes to mind when thinking about software. But it does when we sit down with Zach Sheely, President of Agworld, developer of a GIS platform that strives answer the question of easy vs simple.


Episode 37: Springing into Equipment Prep

Equipment is an essential part of planting season. Today we sit down with Bryan Liskai, a 22-year Precision veteran with the Sunrise Precision Solutions Team, to learn the essentials of preparing equipment for spring. Don’t forget we have a free Spring Equipment Checklist download when you go to and click on this episode.



Episode 36: Plan 4 Planting

Discover four things Precision Technology Specialists Craig Houin and Morgan Seger feel are necessary to be prepared for planting in the spring:


Episode 35: She’s Back and Change is Coming

Today we welcome co-host Morgan Seger back from her maternity leave, catch up on what Craig did while she was gone, and talk about some changes that are coming to PVP.


Episode 34: Drone Sprayers – the Next Frontier

On his last solo go Craig is joined by guest host Archie Kidd, Custom Applicator with Sunrise Cooperative, as they chat with Michael Ott, CEO of Rantizo, about his company and how they are changing the way applications are made through drone technology.


Episode 33: Planting With Precision

Today on PVP, Craig is joined by guest co-host grower Jason Schuch of northern Ohio, and they sit down with Jason Webster, Commercial Agronomist, from Precision Planting to talk about advancements coming out from Precision Planting.


Episode 32: FFT - in the Rearview and to the Future

Today on PVP, Craig, joined by guest host Daniel Kirk, sits down with WinField United’s Keaton Krueger to recap the 2018 growing season with the Field Forecasting Tool and discuss where FFT will go in 2019.


Episode 31: Closing the Gap - The Future of Risk Management

On today’s Closing the Gap episode, Craig is joined by Craig Haugaard, VP of Grain at Sunrise Cooperative, as they sit down with Fernando Adler of Silveus Financial to discuss the future of risk management.


Episode 30: Adapt-N for the Future

Today on PVP, Craig and guest host Daniel Kirk, Sunrise Precision Team Lead, sit down with Matt Sweeney of Adapt-N to talk about this unique technology, where it came from and where it’s headed.



Episode 29: Charting a Course

As we begin Season 2 of Precision Vision Podcast, Craig is joined by guest host Daniel Kirk, Sunrise Precision Solutions Team Lead, to interview Tim Taylor from Mapshots, the creator of AgStudio, to discuss their GIS platform, the challenges they face and the problems they solve for retailer and growers alike.

Visit the Mapshots website

Meet the Hosts:

Morgan Seger

Deeply rooted in agriculture, Morgan grew up on a small livestock farm in northwest Ohio. After graduating from The Ohio State University in 2009, Morgan began working for WinField United in Ag Technology. She is passionately pursuing Ag technology to keep the growers she works with ahead of the curve. Morgan stays busy with her four young children and the grain farm she operates with her husband.

Craig Houin

Craig grew up on a small grain and livestock farm which eventually led him to Purdue University to study Agricultural Economics. Craig moved to Ohio with his wife where they started a small livestock farm with their 3 kids. Craig strives to grow precision technologies on the farm level through interaction with farmers and technology providers. He firmly believes precision technologies will improve farm level decisions through the understanding of current practices to improve environmental and economic impacts while helping the consumer's understanding of agriculture.