Sunrise + 4-H

Each year Sunrise supports county fairs across our trade territory by contributing towards the county fair livestock sales and supporting trophy donations and informational presentations.  In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our cooperative footprint stretched through 35 county fairs, donating just under $200,000 at the livestock sales. Check back each day for throwback photos of Sunrise employees participating in their local 4-H groups. 


Lauren Willman

Agronomy Solutions Advisor Trainee

FFA helped me gain confidence and experience within various forms of Agriculture and was one of the highlights of my time in school.

My advisor shoutout would be Bryan Crapo, he made class fun as well as educational.

Daniel Kirk

SPS Manger

FFA taught me about the professionalism within the industry of Agriculture, not just the lifestyle many associate with it. From official dress, parliamentary procedures, and SAEs, the skills and behaviors I learned from those experiences have influenced how I try to conduct myself everyday here at Sunrise.