Free Wifi Here

Sunrise has designated a portion of its parking lot for Wi-Fi users, which will allow us to provide services to customers, who are also following social distancing guidelines, without interruption. This service is being offered as part of a trial beginning on April 24, 2020. To maintain social distancing, guests are asked to stay in their own cars while using this service. You will have no access to buildings while on Sunrise property.

Below you will find a list of locations hosting free wifi hotspots. 
Please click on your desired location for more information. 

Corporate Headquarters: 2025 W. State Street, Fremont, Ohio
The Sunrise Corporate Office is located at 2025 W. State Street, Fremont. Enter our property at the front of the building off Lime Street. Please park between the WiFi access signs on the far side of the parking lot when you pull into the driveway.
Bucyrus Energy: 3202 State Route 98, Bucyrus, Ohio
Minster Grain: 292 W. Fourth Street, Minster, Ohio
Monroeville Grain: 48 Baker Street, Monroeville, Ohio
New Washington Grain: 419 East Street, New Washington, Ohio
St. Anthony School (across the street from St. Anthony Feed): 5471 OH-49, Fort Recovery, Ohio
St. Marys Grain: 1001 McKinley Road, St. Marys, Ohio
Wilmington Energy: 1425 Rombach Avenue, Wilmington, Ohio