May 11, 2020

View video message from George D. Secor, President/CEO.

Doors Unlocked May 12th

Good afternoon! Things are beginning to look different at our facilities as we began to bring all of our employees, aside from our solutions advisors, back to each of our locations. Tomorrow, May 12th, we will unlock our doors. 

Our doors will be unlocked, however, we will be operating with some new rules. Guidelines that we have set forth will ensure the health and safety of our employees and you, our customer-owners. All employees will be required to wear a face mask if they are within six feet of another individual, whether it’s an employee or a visitor to a facility. 

As a visitor to one of our facilities, we will not require you to wear a face mask. If you arrive on-site and need to interact within six feet of an employee, we ask that you give our employees a moment as they put on their mask to assist you. 

We want to encourage you to continue to do business like we have the last 10 weeks. Please call ahead when you need to pick-up product and we will stage it for pick-up. As much as we can continue to call ahead and communicate, the safer it is for everyone. The virus is still out there, we just do not know where it is, so we must remain diligent as we do business. 

Thank you for everyone’s cooperation! Stay safe and healthy. 



Attica Agronomy & Feed 419-426-4343
Ballville Agronomy & Feed 419-334-8931
Botkins Grain & Agronomy 937-693-2043
Clarksfield Grain & Feed 419-929-1568
Clyde Grain 419-547-9588
Crestline Agronomy 419-683-7340
Crestline Grain 419-683-4600
Fremont Corporate Office 419-332-6468
Kettlersville Energy 419-628-2505
Lancaster Agronomy 740-653-2161
London Energy 740-852-2062
Minster Grain 419-628-2367
New Bremen Feed 419-629-2338
New Washington 419-492-2548
Norwalk Agronomy 419-668-8115
Norwalk Energy 419-668-3955
Osgood 419-582-3502
PCT | Sunrise 937-693-8311
South Charleston Agronomy 937-462-7411
South Charleston Grain 937-462-8341
Springfield Energy 937-323-7536
St. Anthony Feed 419-942-1148
St. Marys Grain 419-394-2129
Starbuck Agronomy 937-382-7555
Uniopolis Agronomy & Grain 419-568-2467
Wilmington Energy & Feed 937-382-1633