Data Innovation

Data, it has always been there, but little has ever been done with it. Now is the time to change that with the help of our Sunrise Precision Solutions team.  We summarize data on a field by field and trial by trial basis in a form that each customer can see how all of the variables across their farms preformed and what proved to be have the best results.

Increasing yields is good thing, but how much does that cost per acre? Trials are even more important these days and the Sunrise Precision Solutions team is setup to handle the processing of many different trials. Throughout the trade territory the same protocol will be used so when the data is collected, it is consistent for the entire cooperative.  All the way from seed variety plots to fungicide applications, and everything in between, the SPS team looks at a wide variety of trials each and every year.  We work with our strategic partners to select new and upcoming products to help keep you moving forward on your farm.  Our goal is to provide you with multiple years of data to help you determine what will or will not provide a positive ROI on your farm.