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INTRODUCING: Precision Vision Podcast


April 12, 2018 – Precision Vision Podcast,, a podcast on the topic of precision ag technology, has just been released and is available to listeners for subscription through iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. Precision Vision Podcast focuses on the current and upcoming precision technology in the agriculture industry and how growers and agronomists can see positive changes through these technologies when used in the appropriate manner.
Precision Vision Podcast is a collaboration between hosts Craig Houin, Data Innovation and R7 Lead, Sunrise Cooperative, and Morgan Seger, Technology Manager, WinField United. In additions to the insights, thoughts and opinions of the hosts, are a compilation of industry experts that support the reality and potential of each precision technology discussed.
In addition to the introductory episode of Precision Vision Podcast is the first series The 7 Pillars of the R7 Tool, the first pillar being Imagery, with a special guest interview from Gary Holmes, Director of Data Sourcing and Sales with Geosys, and currently reaches an audience of 134 listeners. The series will continue on through the 7 Pillars: Imagery, Scripting, Data, Field Forecasting Tool, Field Monitoring Tool, NutraSolutions, Grower Access.
The Precision Vision hosts say:
“We're really hoping, through this podcast, to bring clarity to our customer owners about all of the different Ag Tech options available today. There is a steady increase in offerings and we hope to sort out what's hype and what’s valuable, and we hope our in field experience can help growers understand not only if a tool is useful to their situation but also some practical ways to get economic returns on their investments.”– Morgan Seger
“It’s my hope that this podcast will provide insights and information on today’s technology to help our listening farmers navigate the tangled web of precision agriculture and educate our non-ag neighbors on the technologies available to help our farmers do a better job.”
 – Craig Houin

About Precision Vision Podcast

In the Precision Vision Podcast, hosts Craig Houin and Morgan Seger discuss the relevant precision technology in the agriculture industry as well as introduce and evaluate new tech as it arrives on the scene. With the help of industry leaders, Craig and Morgan will also walk through the best practices of these ag tech tools to help optimize growers' economic return.
For additional information, please visit our website,, or reach out to Precision Vision Podcast with feedback or topic ideas at

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