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Sunrise Releases Farm Safety Kids Booklet

May 15, 2020

There is no exception to farm safety.

The number of lessons that kids can learn at home are endless and farm safety is no exception!  

Sunrise Cooperative promotes an environment of safety for both our employees and our customer-owners. We stress the importance of Workplace Safety begins at Home, and we want to reiterate farm safety!
During April we encouraged our stockholders to take a moment and spend some time with their kids or grandkids that were preschool to sixth grade and teach them an important lesson in farm safety. Following their discussion, the kids drew what they learned to share it with others in the ag industry. 
Sunrise’s Lesson’s at Home Farm Safety Booklet includes the lessons each kid learned from their parents or grandparents. Each of these kids are a farm safety leader and will help to set great examples.
The importance of farm safety is year-around and if you know a preschool to sixth grader who would like to share a lesson they have learned submit it through the online form and we will add it to the Sunrise Farm Safety Booklet.


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