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Get a Jump Start on Your 2020 Fertility

Jul 10, 2019

Take advantage of the special offer on grid sampling acres for acres in the prevent planting program.

A New Generation of Calf Nutrition

Jul 09, 2019

First comes stress, then comes reduced disease resistance and calf health challenges.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Episode 53: Mid Season Tech Update

Jul 09, 2019

This week Morgan and Craig discuss the in-season technology tools they use, from R7 FMT, FFT, and Climate talking in-season satellite imagery to crop models.

July Safety Tip: Lifting Precautions for Farm Workers

Jul 01, 2019

Your job in agriculture involves lifting heavy loads and stooping excessively, both of which can cause serious back injury. Back soreness or injury not only interferes with your daily work, it can also affect the rest of your life. Take the following precautions when lifting on the job to avoid back pain or injury.  Lifting RecommendationsWhenever possible, keep the load between knee and shoulder level. This will put less strain on your shoulders, neck and back.Add handles to containers to make them easier to carry.Carry loads close to your body.Use dollies, pallet trucks or utility carts for heavy items that must be carried more than a couple meters.Use roller conveyors for bags or boxes of vegetables or chemicals that you handle often. These carrying devices will limit the amount of lifting that you need to do. Conveyors are also useful for awkwardly sized or shaped loads that are difficult to lift or carry.Avoid lifting bags or boxes that are heavier than 50 pounds. Either break larger loads down into smaller ones or ask a co-worker to assist you.Always bend at the knees and lift with your legs (rather than bending at the waist, which puts more strain on your back).Stooped Work Guidelines Tasks that involve stooping for extended periods of time, which is a common occurrence in the agriculture industry, can place just as much strain on your back as lifting heavy items. Redesign tasks to avoid stooped work when possible.Attach long handles to your tools or use a stool to get lower to the ground.Take short breaks if you must do stooped work to stretch out and walk around.Information Provided By: CHS Insurance

Top Three Foliar Feeding Products to Fuel Crop Health & High Yields

Jun 19, 2019

While it’s difficult to predict what the growing season holds, it’s important to approach each one with a mindset of maximizing yields and profits. This is especially key during challenging years when every bushel counts.

June Safety Tip: Evading Pinch Point Hazards

Jun 04, 2019

Nearly all equipment you work with on the farm presents pinch point hazards, and it is a common misconception that these types of injuries cannot be serious. Use these tips to steer clear of harm.

Get the Most Out of Your Spring Burnown with AdjuTec Adjuvants

May 15, 2019

Late harvest coupled with cool, wet spring weather has taken a toll on weed management programs. Growers who were not able to apply a fall herbicide...

Sunrise Announces New Partnership with Ohio FFA

May 03, 2019

During the 91st Ohio FFA Convention, Sunrise Cooperative offically announced a new partnership with Ohio FFA. This exciting partnership offers a year’s use of a truck to the newly-elected Ohio FFA State President. After that year, the truck will go to a high school graduate set to become an employee of Sunrise Cooperative immediately after graduation.

May Safety Tip: Tractor Safety

May 01, 2019

Tractor accidents are one of the main cause of farming deaths. Losing control of the equipment can result in the operator or bystanders being run over and crushed. Use these tips as reminders on how to prevent injuries on the job.

2019 Sunrise Scholarship Recipients

May 01, 2019

Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. is announcing the recipients of their annual Sunrise Cooperative college scholarships. This year Sunrise offered forty $1,000 scholarships for common stockholder’s children and grandchildren and ten $1,000 scholarships for employee’s children and grandchildren.

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