2018 Plots & Trials Have Begun

It’s that time of year again. The Sunrise Precision Solutions team has begun the Sunrise Cooperative plot and trial system for 2018. This year Sunrise is planning to put out 40 corn plots, 20 Xtend soybean plots and 12 Liberty Link soybean plots across the trade territory, as well as conducting multiple product trials from the PCT | Sunrise product lineup.
A new feature to the Sunrise Cooperative website is the Plots & Trials page found under the Precision tab. Through this new page, visitors will learn of the history of the plot and trial system at Sunrise and have access to the data collected from the past three years of plot and trial harvest, in each years Post Harvest Book. Visitors also have the opportunity to subscribe to Plot & Trial updates, including the bi-weekly newsletter, Assess the Progress, which will include plot progress updates and scouting highlights as the season goes on.
The first plot of the season went into the ground on Monday, April 30, in Holmes County. Weather permitting, the number of plots will multiply this week as many plot and trial teams are out in the fields, focusing on getting the seed into the ground.
Subscribe to the Plots & Trials updates to get the most recent news, visit the page through www.sunriseco-op.com/Precision/Plots-Trials or click on Plots & Trials under the Precision tab.
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