Closing Remarks

October 18, 2017

Provided by Matt Lukac, Sunrise Grain Solutions Advisor

The “SUNRISE HARVEST POOL” is a Risk Management program that gives you a floor PRICE and keeps you in the market through the key points of the marketing year. You may place “Corn or Soybeans” in our Harvest Program with no bushel minimum.  As harvest proceeds, bushels will be accumulated weekly, and price floors will be established every Thursday, through the month of November 2017.  Manage your price risk, a better alternative than DP!  For details talk to your Sunrise Grain Solution Advisor.

The current stretch of nice harvest weather has the corn market hovering just above contract lows.  We would expect good harvest progress through most of the Sunrise market area through the weekend.  I would expect to see pressure on Corn and bean futures into the close on Friday.  Weather forecasts show 50% plus chances of rain on Monday and Tuesday at this point.  Trade will hedge this potential weather the balance of the week.  As you fill your contracts begin to decide what to do with your unpriced grain keep your Sunrise Solutions Advisor in mind.  Ask yourself what is my marketing goal ?  Do you want to protect your bottom line? Most guys will say, I don’t want to miss the BIG move higher.  That being said, how can you protect if there is a BIG move LOWER?   Please call your Sunrise Solutions Advisor to hear what you can do to reduce your price risk.

Futures closes for today:
Dec corn 3.48 1/2 down 1 1/2, Nov beans 9.84 1/4 down 1/2, Dec wheat 4.30 down 4 3/4 cents

Have a great Day and Thank you for your Business !

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