Wheat Reduced Drying Program Update: Program ends in the Northern Sunrise Territory on Friday, July 20.

Have you taken all the steps in your control to have your highest quality wheat crop in 2018?

Higher test weight, reduced vomitoxin and higher fallen numbers - It is time to team up with Sunrise Cooperative for harvest time delivery of your high quality wheat.

Protect the investment you made in your wheat crop by harvesting your crop at the right time. Sunrise is here to provide assistance during harvest time delivery with a Wheat Reduced Drying Rate Schedule.

For delivery from the field, to any Sunrise location, with the exception of Minster and St. Anthony, we will offer half off the drying charge for moisture ranging from 18.1 to 20.0. And for moisture from 13.6 to 18.0 there will be no drying charge. Regular moisture shrinkage will apply.

Contact your local agronomy or grain solutions advisor to establish a game plan for your 2018 wheat crop.

If you are new to Sunrise - no worries. Click on the Team Up with Sunrise link and a grain solutions advisor will contact you to get your wheat lined up.

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