Farm & Home Stores

Small-town atmosphere. Employees who want to know their customers by name. Inventory stocked based on your needs. Sunrise Cooperative Farm & Home stores offer it all. Our convenient stores – staffed with employees who know the key features of our store products – provide a variety of home, pet care, lawn care, gardening and hobby farm products for your rural or suburban home. With a variety of specialty and premium products, we will work with you to ensure we have the products you need on our shelves and you leave with the right product every time. For all your pet care, gardening and outdoor needs For Your Home, stop by a Sunrise Cooperative Farm & Home store in Georgetown, Minster, Springfield or Xenia.

Pet Care

We offer premium pet food and grooming products as we understand the importance of wanting your pet healthy and feeling good every day. We offer a variety of specialty dog and cat foods and can help you find the right product, whether you are raising a kitten or a mature, senior dog. Our line of pet foods are known as top-quality products that are specialized based on individualized needs, from healthy skin and shiny coats to extra fiber, weight control or an immune system boost.


Whether needing seed, fertilizer, weed control, bedding plants, vegetable plants, soils or mulches, our stores have it all and we can show you how to use them. We offer our own line of Groland products, which are used by many within the professional lawn care, golf and sports field industry, and other name-brand products. When looking for lawn care products that will supply your lawn with just the nutrients it needs, talk to one of our store experts to find the right product for your yard.


When you’re ready to step to the top of the line in outdoor cooking and accessories, you’re ready for a Holland Grill. Holland Grills are the epitome of outdoor cooking, no flare-ups, consistent heat and seasonings that are out of this world. Come to any our many Holland demonstrations and taste the Holland difference for yourself.


Watching birds and wildlife come to feed allows us to enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature. At Sunrise Cooperative Farm & Home stores, you can find a wide variety of nutritious foods for birds, deer, fish, squirrel and many more of nature’s creatures. We promote the healthy feeding of wildlife, using food sources found naturally in wildlife habitats.

Pond Products

A beautiful pond is a source of great enjoyment, but weeds and algae can be a constant problem. Sunrise Cooperative Farm & Home retail stores offer colorants and pond chemistries to help combat these problems without harming the environment or the fish. Stop in and let us show you how to get the most enjoyment out of your pond.


Propane refill service is offered at our Georgetown, Springfield and Xenia stores. We fill grill tanks, forklift tanks and other portable cylinders, as well as sell new ones. We can also fill RVs and propane-powered vehicles.

Salt and Ice Melt

Sunrise Cooperative offers water softening salt for household or commercial use, along with solar salt, pelleted salt, rust removing salt and block salts. Our Ice Melt products are available for professional snow and ice removal crews and the homeowner. To keep roadways, parking lots and walkways free and clear of ice and snow, use Ice Melt. We offer early fill and truck load pricing, as well as in-season and full skid prices.