At Sunrise Cooperative, our animal alignment and nutritional specialists make routine nursery and finisher evaluation visits to help answer questions and guide our producers in establishing an efficient operation with a healthy herd.

Our team will work individually with you to help calculate profit projections and make feed and nutritional adjustments that benefit your bottom lines. Our top-quality feed is sourced from local farms and blended, ground and delivered through our feed mills in New Bremen and St. Anthony, Ohio. Producers can also pick up bagged feed at our Farm & Home stores in Minster, Springfield and Xenia, Ohio and through our grain facilities located at Attica, Clarksfield and Fremont (Ballville), Ohio.

With regional and national industry connections, our swine team keeps producers aligned with other top producers when buying and selling animals and abreast of key issues such as new products and swine diseases facing the pork industry. We understand how critical protecting and promoting the health of your swine is today. Our swine specialists will help guide you – whether new to pig farming or a fourth-generation pork producer – through daily and weekly checks, such as ventilation, feed and water issues, that will help ensure you get the healthiest hogs to market.

Whether you are the farrower or the finisher, our Sunrise feed solutions advisors will work with you to provide top-quality feed, swine alignment, nutritional advice, budget projections and more so you’re producing healthy animals at maximum profitability.