Honoring & Celebrating FFA

FFA Week embraces more than 90 years of FFA traditions while looking forward to the organization’s future. More than 653,000 members will participate in National FFA Week activities at local, state and national levels. These members have a passion for agriculture.
Designated a national week in 1947, the week of George Washington’s birthday, National FFA Week runs from Saturday to Saturday and offers an opportunity to educate the public about agriculture. During the week, FFA chapters conduct a variety of activities to help others in their school and community learn about FFA and agricultural education. Sunrise continually supports the core values and mission of FFA and has joined in on the celebration of this organization. During National FFA Week, Sunrise will share stories and reflect on how FFA impacted the career path of its employees.
Today’s FFA members are the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. The Sunrise team consists of strong leaders that developed through a strong foundation that was established through their involvement with FFA. The discipline, networking, opportunities to try new things and discover hidden potential are just a few things that stand out in the minds of our employees.

Supporting the FFA organization allows Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. an opportunity to develop future leaders, and to show support for a group that has built a solid foundation for success for numerous members of our cooperative team. Take some time to hear how the FFA has impacted the employees of Sunrise Cooperative.


The members that are in FFA now are going to be the leaders for our ag industry in the future and I hope that FFA members now can see that, and they will be the positive change for our industry in the future.”

– Diana Podach, Marketing Assistant
FFA is not so much about the farming, but it’s about developing students for the real world… The number one thing I tell people is that they have to have some good personal selling skills and some good public speaking skills. You have to be able to present yourself well and you have to come across well, you have to be able to influence. FFA has so many chances for students to learn those skills. They can use those skills in a lot of different places.

– Phil Altstaetter, Crop Nutrient Manager

Take in as much as you can, because you learn so much. FFA teaches you more than just about agriculture, it teaches you basic life skills and allows you to expand your knowledge in multiple trade areas.

- Zach Gullete, Custom Applicator
It is a great program to get into, even if you don’t plan on being a farmer. They have some really good projects that you can do that will help you for your entire life, in almost any sector that you might choose to get into. I learned my parliamentary procedure in FFA and that has served me on many boards.”

- Dean Sweeting, At-Large District Board Member
FFA complimented the way I grew up. I am a fifth-generation farmer, so it was always in my blood and FFA helped to confirm it. It is more than cows and plows now, it’s the leadership, development and technology you learn. And that was 25 years ago! Everything changes so quickly and it’s nice to have an organization that can help instill those qualities.

– Brian Snavely, board member